Thursday, May 28, 2009

India Rose
Do they have new product over at India Rose or do they just have better pictures? I'm sure I've seen these before but they look WAY better now - Or maybe it's just because it's summer now and I feel more like carrying my stuff around in a ra-ra bag! So cute!


Cicada Studio said...

I've been eyeballing these bags for some time now. You have reminded me again about how much I like ruffles.

made sweet said...

i love ruffles. they make me so happy!

relics said...

I think they just have better pictures....or a better photographer.
(they had these bags last summer- they look way cuter this year!)


Carter Bolick said...

Nope, they are new!! Thanks for your interest in India Rose. And we are glad you like the our new photographer, I will let him know.

Carter Bolick

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