Monday, May 11, 2009

Colour - are you brave enough?
I am seeing a lot of this acid yellow/green colour(and other OTT brights) in fashion this year and now it's popping up in interiors. Now I happen to think that it's very hard to wear this colour and even harder to decorate with it unless you style your rooms like this home owner. A lot of white, a lot of bright sunlight, simple furnishings and a heavy feminine flair to keep it from looking punky or pop-arty. The other thing I notice is that there are some pretty coloured accessories and art on the walls but they are mostly kept to the white walls - and the coloured walls are kept bare - perhaps that's the secret. What do you think? Would you do this acid green/yellow colour blocking in your home? Images are from the Bed of Flowers Bed and Breakfast in Holland(via


AnnaVallance said...

Apparently I am not brave enough because we just redid the principle bedroom and the walls are still white-a different white from what they used to be though.

sarah said...

Oh wow, that is a BRIGHT green! But I think it works wonders to highlight the architectural details of the room. I think it's gorgeous against the white, but I think I would get tired of it and want to try other brights. Don't you wish you could change your paint colors as easily as you do in Photoshop? :)

cartolina said...

maybe if you painted just a few small feature walls bright green then it would make it easier to change them to other brights each month - yup, like we all have time to do that ;-)

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