Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Window Shopping | IKEA
I haven't looked at an IKEA catalogue in a long time - our closest IKEA is an 8 hour drive from here so it's not usually my first choice for furnishings but I ran across these the other day and I was really impressed. I'd love to have both of these items at the studio. Maybe we'll have to go on a little road trip soon - good idea!


jenni.t said...

That chair is fabulous - and looks comfortable to boot!

Winnie M said...

I have sat in that chair in Ikea - it is comfortable. I want one for my office!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

That chair comes in a faux white fur, too--they had a floor model in the clearance area last weekend at our Ikea. Tempting...but hubby said, "I don't think so!" haha!

Claire said...

What's the top rectangle? I thought it was a fabric sample but I didn't see it on the Ikea website.

cartolina said...

Hi Claire - it's a floor rug!
I wish it was a fabric sample!
Thanks for visiting!

Armazém de Ideias Ilimitada said...

I`m writing these words seated in this chair, in Portugal.

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