Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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I'm always looking for fun storage ideas - especially for the studio. I know that many of our readers are designers so when I ran across this first pretty little storage idea at one of my favourite Australian blogs, Designer's Emporium. I followed the link to this DIY blog and found all sorts of wonderful home office and studio ideas that I think you will approve of!

Great use for a plate rack, and if I'm not mistaken I think you can get this one at Target.

Two really simple and pretty home office ideas - love the dividing book case!

All my stationery designer friends will appreciate this last image - this this a great way to store or display cards - to keep them handy. I love this idea - I think I will use this idea myself - I think it's a simple cake cooling rack from the hardware store isn't it?


Judith said...

That cake cooling rack idea is just too clever - why didn't I think of that? (Of course I'm still mad at myself for not inventing White-Out.)

jenni.t said...

These are all fabulous ideas Fiona - thanks

scrappin{jewlz} said...

Wow, that is the most unique use of a bird cage I have ever seen! Too cool!

Thanks for the great ideas

Julie said...

Fiona, do you have any idea how much you enable me to spend money when you post things like this? I now have this urge to go re-organize my studio. Shame on you! ;-)

Pink Heathers said...

Love the tin case storage idea...and the arrangement! Just great!

Stephanie said...

Nice ideas! I do like the cooling rack idea very much. It would work for small fabric projects too, I think. Very nice blog! Glad I found you.

couch sleeping beauty said...


I'm planning on redecorating my room and your post came just at the right time!
I simply adore the vintage suitcase, birdcage and the dividing book case!

I know I'm going to be a regular reader here from now on!
Thank you Fiona (:

donna said...


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