Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is a drawing that Doug did for Runners World magazine last month. I really loved the rough sketch that he did and was excited to see the printed piece - which arrived in our mail box yesterday. You can see there were a few small changes from the editor! Good job Doug!

This week Doug's working on a cover illustration for Forbes Magazine - it's looking really good  - I'll show you the finished piece when we get it.


prasanna said...

This sketch is inspired by the indian deity of dance - Nataraj. Dancers pray to Nataraj before a performance in order to gain the deity's blessings. You can check out the pictures here

cartolina said...

Hello Prasanna... Thanks for posting! The editor/art director had asked for a multi-tasking, multi-armed the obvious source of inspiration was from ancient Indian sculpture.
I would love to go to India some day!


Linda said...

Doug is so talented. I love to see his new work.

prasanna said...

Hi Doug,

Would love to have you here in India. You'll have limitless inspirations for all your creations here.


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