Thursday, March 12, 2009

What have you ffffound recently?
Am I the last person to know about I noticed a lot of hits to my websites from the server so I went to investigate. I haven't quite figured it out yet(because I haven't had time)but it looks like a kind of online scrapbook to sort, save and share all your favourite online images. Image junkies like me have their own collections and by browsing through their pages and pages of random and beautiful images you really get a feel for who that person is. It's a bit spooky really - I checked out Emiliabird who had been occasionally saving some images from here at the cafe - along with hundreds of other random images. Her collection looks exactly like my collection would(if I was a member - which I am not - yet!) Check it out - would you not say these are exactly my cup of tea? Spooky.

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