Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Style and personality
I have a friend that works as a stylist at one of the big home decor magazines(they call them 'shelter' magazine these days but I really dislike that name don't you?) Anyway she is part of a team that goes to beautiful homes and styles them for a photo shoot. She was telling me that they always show up with an entire collection of  props including slip covers, throw rugs and pillows, lamp shades etc. I find this kind of 'dumbing-down' with generic staging effects so boring. When I pick up a magazine I want to see personality in the rooms - I want to see how other people live. I think it's human nature to want to peek into another person's life. I think that's why Domino Magazine was so popular - their shoots were eclectic and unexpected - I am sure they were styled and staged but it was so appealing and intriguing. The following photographs were taken by British photographer James Merrell. I like these shots for their personality - fits right in with what we were talking about last week - making your space unique and personal  with found objects etc.


Jessica Jean said...

I just had a convo with my bf about the whole "staging" thing. He happened to pick up one of my decor magazines and hated how all the rooms were so "set up". I immediately handed him the issue of Domino that I was reading and happily showed him how lived in, welcoming, and casual so many of the rooms are. I love looking through a magazine and seeing things that a normal person would leave lying around (coffee mugs, half-open books, shoes, etc.)

Love the photos in this post! (Especially those two beds pushed up next to each other.)

Hi Octane Jewelry said...

Love the beautiful rocks at the bottom of the post in the first pic.. Just brought home a car load of old sign letters.

Jen said...

Love these photos. My pet peeve with staging (I worked for a couple lifestyle magazines, not "shelters" but still did my share of shooting interiors) were the token pair of heels, one shoe on its side, plopped in the middle of a room to look "lived-in." Domino did do unfussy styling just right.

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