Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Style and personality
I have a friend that works as a stylist at one of the big home decor magazines(they call them 'shelter' magazine these days but I really dislike that name don't you?) Anyway she is part of a team that goes to beautiful homes and styles them for a photo shoot. She was telling me that they always show up with an entire collection of  props including slip covers, throw rugs and pillows, lamp shades etc. I find this kind of 'dumbing-down' with generic staging effects so boring. When I pick up a magazine I want to see personality in the rooms - I want to see how other people live. I think it's human nature to want to peek into another person's life. I think that's why Domino Magazine was so popular - their shoots were eclectic and unexpected - I am sure they were styled and staged but it was so appealing and intriguing. The following photographs were taken by British photographer James Merrell. I like these shots for their personality - fits right in with what we were talking about last week - making your space unique and personal  with found objects etc.

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