Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Name that Style | Style at Home
I am not much of a trend follower - I have never found it very interesting to follow a crowd. I'd much rather do my own thing. When I picked up the last issue of *Style At Home magazine I was delighted to find that some of the trends for 2009 that they were featuring felt very untrendy to me. They seem more eclectic and personal than the cookie cutter styles that are featured in so many of todays mags. I specifically love the  style that they feature in the second image here - this is so me - I love this look. I love the oversized utilitarian pieces and the practical materials. I personally would rather pair it with some interesting textiles to soften it a little but over all I think it a great 'trend'. The top image they call  and the 3rd image is " Belgian Farmhouse". Does your home style have a name? I've never really thought about naming my decorating style but it's rather fun . . . .

"European Mauves"

"Industrial Schoolhouse"

"Belgian Farmhouse"

"Gothic Chinois?"

This last image snuck in here - I can't remember where it came from but it was calling my name so as far as I am concerned this should also be one of this year decorating style, let's call it "Gothic Chinois"!
*Style At Home magazine is one of Canada's best decorating mags. We have about 4 or 5 good decorating magazines in Canada but Style at Home always offers realistic, interesting and unique solutions for styling your home - it's one of my faves. They have a nice web site too.


jenni.t said...

Great to see Style at Home here - I seldom see them on the design blogs and it's one of my favourite mags too. pick one up every time I am in Canada.


Jen said...

I have a few copies of these and can't remember where I bought them. Maybe I got them on one of my many trips to BC? We have newstands here in Seattle that carry quite a few international magazines (which I've been collecting btw since I was a teen). Anyhow, it's now to see that they're still doing well. Love the floral b/w rug.

Courtney said...

It is always refreshing to see eclectic mixes in home decorating. A lot of today's design is so matchy matchy, it is not my style at all!

vantiani said...

That Industrial Schoolhouse and Belgian Farmhouse are just so so cool!

Thank you for sharing, Fiona.


Brittany Noel said...

yes please on Industrial Schoolhouse!

cartolina said...

Isn't it interesting that you all are attracted to the Industrial Schoolhouse look - I'm sure it's because the objects are 'treasures' in their own rights and haven't been purchased at a 'furniture barn'. It's the joy of decorating with found objects(don't miss Thursday's post if you like this style)
Thanks for your comments :-)

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