Friday, March 6, 2009

Metal on my mind! 
It's been a very 'industrial' few days here at the cafe - I love all the found objects and salvaged treasures that have made an appearance here this week. So to end the week I have found some marvelous recycled furniture from here. We used to have some designer friends who furnished their studio with vintage, steel office furniture from a government surplice warehouse. They took it all to a sand blasting facility and ended up with wonderful brushed silver pieces that looked fantastic in their historical studio building. They had resurfaced the vintage wood floors too and I remember how the red tones of the fir floors reflected in the mirrored surface of the furniture pieces.  We have a few pieces of vintage steel  furniture including a huge cabinet of flat files(map drawers). It would look great with a shiny silver overhaul but it is so huge I can't even imagine getting it out of here and then back again - so it's not going to happen! I hope you like these pieces they are all authentic vintage cabinets that have been stripped and clear coated - I think they're fab! I'm not even sure which is my favourite, maybe the first and the third - how about you?

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