Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ilustrator Mark Ryden - The Tree Show
Here's something that caught my eye the other day. Illustrator Mark Ryden has a new book out that showcases the work that he did for his show titled The Tree Show at the Michael Kohn Gallery in LA in 2007. I really enjoyed seeing the inspiration behind the pieces - lots of vintage references.

As a side note, I am a big fan of vintage Popular Science Magazine and we have MANY volumes around here from the 1940s and on. They have some very cool crafty projects and really fantastic illustrations and diagrams - I was not surprised at all when I saw this one referenced in Mark's book.


Hi Octane Jewelry said...

This looks really neat.I love his work. I need photograph some of my old books..I have some old Boy Scout Encyclopedia's and Retro outdoor arts and crafts how to books. That look right along these lines as the books above.

cartolina said...

Hi Alicia - I'm glad that you like Mark Rydens work. I hesitated to post his stuff on my blog because it's not for everyone. But nonetheless he is a well respected artist. I hope you take the chance to look through the book on his web site - there are some amazing paintings in the book.

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