Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flickr Love
I'm just getting the hang of Flickr and I am so amazed at the talented photographers who post their work for all to see. I just fell in love with the following images . They are from the following Flickr members, in order from top to bottom, weeshallmeet tanjatiziana, lightlycrazed and plautila. Let me know if you have a Flickr Photostream that you think I might like - I'm not a very good photographer - I'm working on it!


Hi Octane Jewelry said...

I have a couple flickr accounts, they one I add the most to is
my other is

Tina said...

i LOVE the bottom photo. The building looks like a Italian mosaic jewel box! You have such a fantastic eye ! I adore your blog. It's become a very important part of my daily life!

lejardengirl said...

Hello Fiona, new to flikr also, check it
if that doesn't work just go to I so love your blog, for all the inspriration..
Thanks, Beth

cartolina said...

Thanks for the Flickr links ladies. I will check those out later today.

And also thanks for visiting Cafe Cartolina - it is so great to hear from you and I really appreciate you taking the time to write comments. Makes me happy :-)

Pfeiffer Photos said...

When I discovered Flickr there was no going back. I use our stream as an online gallery to offer images we don't list in our Etsy shop. It is also far too easy to let time get away from me browsing the streams from talented folks all around the world. Join some groups and you'll really enjoy it since you can focus on your particular interests. Meeting people on Flickr has built me some great networks, and I learn so much from others to improve my photography. I almost always have a Flickr photo as my desktop and recently added a new feature to my blog: Flickr Buddy Photo...which, in fact, I need to update today! :)

Your photos are wonderful, Fiona--let's be Flickr buddies:

cartolina said...

Hi Tina - I would love to be your Flickr buddy - and I would love some Flickr advice - sounds like you know what you are doing so how about I ask you a few of the questions I have about Flickr.
Email me and we can get started!

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