Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rockafeller Centre | Anthropologie
I was all set to do this post today and, as I was uploading the images to Blogger, I got a fax. I couldn't believe my eyes - the fax was from Anthropologie - an order for our Cartolina recycled notebooks! So, I am very excited to announce today that our new notebooks will be available at Anthropologie this spring - judging by the date on the PO, I expect they will be in the stores in March. Absolutely brilliant - very excited.

I love the store at Rockafeller Centre. I think it is an old movie theatre judging by the marquee out front. It is a 2 story store with most of the clothing downstairs and housewares upstairs. The back of the store is really nicely merchandized with a great collection of new and vintage objet d'art. The lamps hanging from the ceiling look like they are from the 20s I think, don't you? Did you know that at Anthropologie everything is for sale - even all the displays, tables, cupboards and fixtures. If you look closely everything has a price tag!

I loved this display(above) Can you see all the framed butterflies and the small curiosity cabinet with the drawers?

This is a vintage phone booth full of lamp shades!

This bed was covered in gauze rags - very je ne sais quoi! Very Anthropologie!

So the closest Anthro is a long way from my neck of the woods. I would love it if in a couple of months one of my readers could pop into one of the stores and take a picture of my notebooks - I'm so excited - did I say that all ready?

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