Monday, December 29, 2008

In the Mail Bag!
Just wanted to show you a couple of things that made their way into my mailbox over the last week (and definitely not into the recycling!)

Can you believe the beautiful handwriting on this envelope that came to me from Tara at Ephemera Press ? The card is gorgeous too but the handwriting stopped me in my tracks. Fuschia pink on lime green - fantastic! (Did I mention this is all handwritten?)

This is one of the most beautiful modern holiday cards I received. It is a 3-fold with a mirrored interior that reflects the die cut forest. very clever from MOMA.

Now this is a clever idea. This tag is actually one of a set of paper coasters from Fish's Eddy that I gave my sister in law. She chose to punch a hole in the top and use them as gift tags. they are all different scenes from Alice in Wonderland. I loved this idea. Wish I'd thought of it myself.

Gorgeous vintage French christmas card that needs a little TLC (looks like someone had a stamp stuck on her head) but beautiful anyway. These french cards were known as Bluets.

Vintage Italian Holiday card from the turn of the century. Great little outfit - trust those stylish Italians!
Thanks everyone - I really appreciated all the cards - especially the ones from fellow stationery designers - it's been a treat to run to the mail box for the last couple of weeks to see what's waiting for me.
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