Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Design Swoon | Louise Fili
Louise Fili is a design idol to many designers. If you are in the design business you will be very familiar with her work and especially her design books with partner Steven Heller. I never get tired of looking at her work but if you are not familiar with it - then voila, Ms. Fili . . . . . .

I love the 3 dimensionality of her book design and this Le Monde logo/signage below is one of my all time favourite pieces of identity design.

Dimensional type seems to be a specialty of Ms Fili's and this piece above is very impressive - totally evokes and era - love it!

Hope you enjoyed our little Fili retrospective. And I hope that I have inspired even just one person to seek out her work and her books - they have been a valuable resource to Doug and I for years - instant sources of inspiration. If I ever met her in person I would say, thank you Louise!
(Check out her design books on Amazon - right here.)

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