Monday, December 15, 2008

Back home and back to work!
Well we had such a good time in Vancouver for a few days. We walked and walked and ate lots of great food. We filled up on design and inspiration and we had a great Cartolina Christmas Party at The Lift Bar and Grill in Coal Harbour. We are back to work this week - a very busy week coming up with lots of new product showing up today and lots of rep kits and samples to get out the door this week for the new season(and lots of pretty new things to show you here this week too!) Here are a few pictures that we took over the weekend(with the new camera which I love love love!)

Here I am with the lovely Lisa, my good pal and our "Cartolina Distributor Extraordinaire". What fun we had at The Lift and also at Bonita's in Gastown on Friday night.

These 4 pictures, above, are taken at Salamagundi's where I spent a lot of time poking through the chests of drawers and raking through all the treasures up stairs.

One of the best cafe signs ever - in Gastown. Its been here for years. I don't think the cafe is actually even called Luna any more but the sign still hangs and is a real gem.

This gal working in Urban Outfitters was wearing these very cool rubber boots that she says she bought at Cherry Bomb across the road on Granville Street - just in case you are desperate to get your hands on a pair  ;-)
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