Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Snap Shots
I am a huge sucker for beautiful interior photography especially detailed styling as you probably have realized if you have been reading this blog for very long. I just wish I was a better photographer myself. It was a lovely sunny day here yesterday so I decided to spend the morning shooting pictures of my favourite things. I took 216 shots with my Nikon D40 and, I have to say, I don't think it's a very good camera at all - most of the pictures were terrible! Here are the only ones even slightly worth posting. I am very disappointed with that camera  ;-)

No seriously, I have a whole new respect for photographers these days - taking interior pictures is very difficult - it's all about the lighting. Our house is very sunny and I swear that makes it worse - or it could just be the camera - right?
{UPDATE: Just sold that camera on Ebay this morning. Going to get a Canon G10 to replace it - that's BOUND to make me a better photographer!}


Christine said...

The lense you use is also very important, and has it's limitations with regards to focal lenght, depth of field etc.

jenni.t said...

I know what you mean, its really tricky to shoot inside - I blame it on the camera too ;-)

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