Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New business cards | Paper Stories Letterpress
This is my elephant. And pretty soon Kelly is going to turn my elephant into some beautiful business cards for me. I haven't had any business card that I have been thrilled about in ages so I thought it would be great to have some letterpressed. I need new business cards for the spring shows and now is a great time to get them designed and printed. I would like something simple and sophisticated so I have chosen Paper Stories Letterpress because I am familiar with Kelly's terrific work. My cards will be printed on a Chandler and Price press in the Paper Stories studio in Chicago. You can see more of her work below and on her website(she has an Etsy shop too.)

Another reason that I chose Kelly is because of her commitment to the environment. It means a lot to me that my cards will be printed on tree-free paper with non-solvent based inks. I can't wait for my new cards. I'm going to ask Kelly to take a couple of pictures during the letterpress process and I will post them here. I think you will find the process really interesting, I know I do  - so stay tuned.
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