Monday, December 1, 2008

International Links

I have a lot of international readers(especially Scandinavian and Italian) and I love to troll through their design blogs - to get a new perspective on art and design. So I have a couple of links for you today and I hope you like the images I have found. This stunning photograph of me in my new dress is from an Italian blog called Un Matrimonio Formato JPG. There are some really beautiful Italian design blogs(some really great crafty Italian blogs out there too - like decor e blablabla )


vantiani said...


I tag you today.

Let me see what kind of a bag lady are you!:)


Linda said...

Oh Fiona,
I love your new dress It's so you.
And your's lovely.

juliette c. said...

Fiona, forgive me for posting a photo of you without asking for permission... but you know... this picture could not wait!!!

elena fiore said...

What a joy to see my name in your blog! I admire very much what you select for your blog and read what you write to me fills me with pride. Thank you...and sorry for my english...Elena Fiore

Julie said...

What a lovely dress! What was the occasion? :-)

Erin @ Bride Design said...

That dress is some serious ART. Love it. I too love reading international design blogs. It's like a mini-vacation everyday, and I don't even need to get out of my jammies!

Brittany Noel said...

You look fabulous with the Paris skyline in the background :)

cartolina said...

Thanks everyone - glad you like my photograph. It was a blustery day up on the roof terrace and I had just thrown on my new frock to do a bit of weeding in the planters. A big gust of wind blew my dress into the bushes and it got tangled. I was stuck up there for hours until this photographer found me and rescued me ;-)

That's why I look a bit pale.

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