Monday, November 10, 2008

Inspiration | Vintage Signage
When we were driving back from wine country in the Okanagan Valley yesterday we stopped in the quiet little village of Greenwood on our way back to Nelson. Most people just stop for a coffee at the Copper Eagle and keep going on their way west. We took a wander with our coffee and the camera and took a few pictures of some great hand painted store signage on the main street. There's not much going on in Greenwood these days - it used to be wealthy little silver mining town in the 1890s and there's not much left now. But the signs are GREAT!

Peterson's Grocery is all boarded up and I don't think anyone has been in there for a long time. I managed to catch a glimpse of some great old original store counters in a wonderful robin's egg blue with rusty old hinges and drawer pulls . . . boy I'd like to have those!  Everything's covered in a layer of dust and I betcha no ones been in there for years.
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