Monday, November 24, 2008

Design Details | Spot varnishes

People ask me all the time about spot varnishes. All our large cards have spot varnishes. A spot varnish is applied to specific areas of flat or matte paper to high light certain aspects of the design. I find they work best on the darkest areas of the images and especially on blues for some reason. Here is an example of one of our cards with its spot varnish - it really catches the light when you tilt it. Also it has a slightly raised feeling when you run your finger over it.


marzi said...

i SO, SO, SO love your spot varnishes. i'd love to try some of my own, but don't want to be a copy-cat! ;)

Pigtown-Design said...

I used a spot varnish on our annual report last year. we did it as an old photo album (we're 210 years old). On the photos, we added a spot varnish and the old deckle-edge frames. People told me that they tried to see if the photos were glued on because of the drop shadowing we'd done and the spot varnish. It was every effective!

I mentioned you on my blog this morning.

{evy} said...

i love spot varnishes. and i love this love card.

Julie said...

The spot varnishes on your cards are beautiful - definitely a unique touch in the greeting card industry!

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