Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blogger with a camera | My Nottinghill
I was happily trolling through my usual morning blog roll when I came across these fabulous photographs by Michele at My Nottinghill. Michele had gone to Shore Haus in Delaware and taken these great shots. The first one is absolutely perfect don't you think? Whoever is doing the styling in this store deserves a big blue ribbon for their work - maybe Cafe Cartolina will have to start dishing out the ribbons to all those talented display artists that inspire us to be constantly shuffling things around our living rooms..

I went to Shore Haus's web site on a mouse-clicking frenzy and found some other great design sites such as this one above at Oly Studio in Berkely CA.


juliette c. said...

Yesyesyyes. Absolute perfect!

Julie said...

I'm in love with that big round table that shows up in two of the photos - sturdy & lovely all at the same time.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

That birdcage is sublime...love the bedroom, too.

Brittany Noel said...

It would be worth a trip there just to see this place! I love love love that birdcage. Stunning!

cartolina said...

The birdcage is beautiful isn't it? Rather bazaar that it is shaped like a bee hive don't you think?

Thanks for your comments

hello gorgeous said...

Greetings - I just got a note from John at Shore Haus saying there was another blog featuring his store.

Michelle from My Notting Hill had originally seen a photo of the store on my blog. Isn't that funny how the world of the web does go round? I am happy to spread the word on their behalf. They are the nicest guys in the world as well.

It is absolutely worth a trip to the store. I'm guessing it looks different already. He is constantly changing and replacing things. It's my favorite store at the beach.

Rehoboth really has the only shopping in Delaware.

Anyway, glad to have found your blog as well.

My Notting Hill said...

Thanks for the mention! I appreciate it. I'm just about to put up a post about your cards being available online. Love the pheasant card! Michele

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