Friday, October 10, 2008

Inspiration | Magazines

It's pages like this one, from this month's Victoria Magazine, that makes spending the $6.99, that it costs in Canada, worthwhile. This is such a pretty photograph and I discovered Victoria Mag, all over again, after reading Erin's comment in the giveaway - thanks Erin!


jenni.t said...

This is so pretty - look at the tiny nest - what is that frame/stand?

cartolina said...

jenni - on the magazine page they say that it is a vintage french store display - I love it's shape, don't you?

Erin @ Bride Design said...

I missed commenting on this post too last week Fiona! I thought Victoria Mag might be up your alley. I love the little treasures they show off each month!

andrea of ffft said...

One of the most exquisite things i have ever seen was a story years ago in Victoria Mag about a woman who paints period silk wedding gowns with the story of the couple. Her paintings on the silk were breathtaking and the watercolour images on the dress were stunning.

I think this is darling. I am trying to edit, but this is making me want to start being all artsy fartsy again.

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