Thursday, October 2, 2008

Illustration | Old and new
Just felt like looking at some illustration this morning. A bit of old and new. The top piece is a very old postcard that I bought from a dealer in Argentina. He sold me a lot of Parisian pieces including the stamp, which I love.

Gorgeous poster by Sarah Young and fun piece from Grady McFerrin. Bit of a mash-up but it all works for me!


Cathe said...

You know I had to post when I saw the illustrations of Paris! But, then the fourth one caught my eye, I love the muted tones that still has contrast. Just lovely!

Julie said...

Your collection must be huge - you always have such beautiful ephemera to share. Love the poster - the colors are so in tune with fall right now.

cartolina said...

Those Paris images were just for you Cathe!
I think you should have satellite studio in paris and we can all come and be your interns and live like parisians!

Cathe said...

Awww, thanks Fiona! I love them! I would love to have a satellite studio in Paris! Ahhh, that would be the ultimate dream come true! Then you all can come and play in my atelier, munch on some Parisian macaroons.... I know the perfect arrondissment where it could be! :-)

Pfeiffer Photos said...

All great--especially the Paris pieces, of course!

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