Thursday, October 23, 2008

EphemeraMrs Beeton
The food photography in the latest Martha Stewart Living got me thinking about Mrs Beeton. So I got out my books and scanned a couple of pages for you so that next time you prepare a 'bouquet of prawns' you will know the correct way to display them!


vantiani said...

Oh so so cool and pretty.
Thank you for sharing these, Fiona.


jenni.t said...

You have an original Mrs Beetons? That's way cool!
great images

Style Guide said...

These are brilliant - I love them!

Julie said...

Would you care to share the recipe for raised game pie? :-)

cartolina said...

Why cerainly Julie! ( do you think the raised game pie mean that it rises in the oven or that the game was raised on a farm?)

I'll have a look at the recipe for you. Get ready, you may have to start raising guinea fowl in your back yard for this one!

How about the chicken in aspic? :-P

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