Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Window Shopping | Raw Space

We get Cartolina wholesale requests from the loveliest shops. Raw Space is an Australian retailer with 3 shops and an online store too. I saw lots of things I like there and I want to show you these wall plaques which are so pretty.


jenni.t said...

I love the peony one -- no wait I love the bird one -- no wait I love them both!!
Cool store too, thanks for this Fiona!

Alexander said...

Hello, Fiona!

Thank you so much for featuring our store. It was fantastic to see that we've made a good impression, and we're really looking forwards to stocking your items in our stores.

Yours sincerely,

Bree said...

Lovely - is this wallpaper - the one with the birds is superb!

cartolina said...

Hi Alex! I loved looking at the interior shots of your stores - if I lived closer I think I would be a frequent shopper! Thrilled to be sending cards your way!

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