Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Window Shopping | John Robshaw
If you have been reading this blog for a few weeks it will come as no surprise to you that I am a big fan of John Robshaw textiles. The indian influence gets me every time - bold colours, block prints and misregistered repeating patterns - love it!

I especially love the brown duvet cover(above). I first saw John Robshaw bedding at Cabin Fever(which I wrote about here) where Rebecca had it matched with nautical ticking and vintage french linen - it looked amazing. That's a lot of pillows on that bed - exactly where do you put them all when you get in to sleep?


Julie said...

I'd love to have a huge pile of those pillows to burrow into! (as for the bed, my parents used to have loads of pillows on their bed - my dad used to joke that it took him 20 minutes just to make the bed in the morning!)

Linda said...

I love to see the mix of designs. I can hear my mother saying, "no dear, stripes are only to be used with solid colors", but I mixed them anyway. I love how it looks here.

The Paper Thieves said...

Have you ever looked at Kerry Casill"s stuff? She also has great pillows and bedding, all of the fabrics are made in India.

Danielle said...

Oh these patterns are amazing! Thanks for sharing. They will be great inspiration for the curtains I need to make :)

made sweet said...

pillows pillows pillows!! I love them all so much. What incredible collections. Thanks for sharing!

cartolina said...

Glad you all like these.
Paper Thieves, thanks for another wonderful link!

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