Thursday, September 11, 2008

Inspiration | Textiles
I am a big fan of bold, oversized patterns and colour. So I was surprised that I hadn't seen these designs from Koko Company before.

I love to crop patterns and images in unusual ways which is probably why these caught my eye. I love their folk-artsy, yet mid century, patterns - what a blast to introduce these into a simple interior space. I post quite a few pillows on this blog (you have probably noticed that!)  No, I don't have a home full of pillows - it's just all about the surface designs  :-) 


kelleegirl said...

fantastic! I haven't seen these before either. great find!

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Oh my word. These are un believable!!! Stopped me in my tracks completely! Thanks for posting. Love checking in here each day!!

Cathe said...

Love the color pairings! I'm partial to deep reds and a slightly lightened warm blue. I notice that every example on your post had those 2 colors in them. NICE!

poppy said...

oh, those are nice!

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