Monday, August 25, 2008

Window Shopping | RE

One of the the things I like about blogging is it gives me a chance to revisit websites that I bookmarked months ago - and it's great to see what's new. RE is one of those sites. Take a look at their wares and I think you will want to bookmark them too.

RE looks like a great shop to visit in person but their site is so fun. This time around I found these great little pendant lampshades made from tin jelly molds - aren't they wonderful - so fun!


Julie said...

What a wonderful retail site! How clever and stylish is it that all the R's and E's are in red. Love that!

jeni said...

great lamps. I love the way the top piece is a jelly mold too - and the way they hang kinda crooked.
great post

poppy said...

too funny - you and me both posting about jelly mold lamps today - (it's been a while since i've visited here too - thanks for bringing me back),

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