Friday, August 15, 2008

Roost | Return to rustic

Lighting from Roost - how wonderful are these caged chandeliers? I love them hanging together like that. The shapes are really inspiring. The simple wood candle sticks are gorgeous too. They would look really nice in my slightly rustic home (we'll call it 'urban rustic' )

Funny how home decor seems to have come full circle recently. I am seeing so much more organic natural shapes and materials which we seemed to have moved away from for the last few years with the trend towards all thing modern and minimal. I, for one, am glad to see the return of rustic - combine it with a little modern simplicity and I think it's close to perfection!

And these wonderful bamboo "cloud" shades are fabulously organic - the random shapes just seem to float in space. Well styled photography - like these images - is really inspiring, don't you think? - gives me a total feel for a product line.


Julie said...

Those caged chandeliers would be lovely on a patio too!

andrea of ffft said...

Mmmmmm... purdy. I love the sculptural white piece too. It has such a delicate look to it. I have a thing for lighting. So much so that I have still to put up a decent one in my living room because I haven't been able to decide on just one. At one point I bought an entire set of fifty chandelier crystals to hang when I found the "right" chandelier. Well, now I am more into an entirely different look and they are sitting prettily in a box. I used them to decorate my "tree" last Christmas. I didn't want them to feel bad. And they are so sparkley.

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