Monday, August 4, 2008

Random Objects | Bell Jars

I have a fascination with bell jars or cloche. They can make the most simple item look like a work of art. I like them on cake stands and I like them on simple wooden bases. I seem to remember that a recent Martha Stewart magazine had a beautiful article on bell jars, I must look it up. Here are a few for you to enjoy.

The bell jars pictured here are available at Bodie and Fou. You can buy vintage vacuum bell jars at junk stores that usually come with a tight fitting wooden base - very similar to the ones above with the eggs. The vintage vacuum jars often have really thin, wobbly glass  which makes your treasures look even more interesting! {Actually I think I like the egg ones the best of all the shapes above.}


Brittany Noel said...

I've always loved cloche too! Every time I see them, I get inspired to get as many as I can. Then I forget. This time, I will not forget! I think I read that Martha article too, her photography is great.


miriamdema said...

i love bell jars as well!
they are such a beautiful way to display treasured objects. I recently made a screen print inspired by a bell jar of mine

thanks for posting some beauties!

~miriam dema

poppy said...

bell jars are so fun - you can cover almost anything and it'll look good.

Erin @ Bride Design said...

I agree! My favorite from this set is the little house and animal (a cow or a sheep?) pairing. Alone they'd just be tchotchkes, But under a bell jar...instant coolness.

Carey said...

Ooh- I love these!!! If only I didn't have two rowdy boys who like to run through the house...I can see these sliding around just a little bit each time until- oops! There they go on the floor!

Cathe said...

I agree with Erin on the little house and animal set. There's something about it that is just captivating!

cartolina said...

I'm glad you like these! We have one in the studio - a really old one that has - wait for it - a vintage Tom Kitten figurine in it - it looks really funny! but I thought you might think we were truly mad if I posted a picture of it :-)

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