Thursday, August 14, 2008

Inspired Design | Great finds

Here's a great collection of items that I have been withholding from you - and am now ready to reveal! Everyday items transformed by beautiful, inspired design. Products like these make my day. Hope they make yours too!

A graffiti - roccoco mirror from Luis Alicandu. This designer has some amazing pieces in their portfolio, I really enjoyed checking them out.

Another wonderful idea from Pedlars. How can you resist hanging up your washing on a blustery day with these birdy clothes pins?

You may have seen these mugs by  Thorsten Van Elten. Brilliant idea - how fun and clever!


Holly said...

oh my gosh, those birdies are so sweet!!

andrea of ffft said...

Oh wow cool. I don't drink coffee but I will have to keep those mugs in mind for a few of the drinkers that I have on my Christmas list. Hmmm... it's coming along soon isn't it!?

That is just way too cool an idea. Some people really think. Thank goodness for the people who see the beauty in the mundane.

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