Friday, August 22, 2008

Inspiration | Designers Guild

One of the places I always go when I need a blast of colour inspiration is the Designers Guild web site or Tricia Guild's book, "Pattern". Both are a great way to remind myself that these days, in design, anything is possible  - be bold and be daring. Go on, I dare ya!


Pigtown-Design said...

Her shop on the King's Road in London is always one of my stops! She's just got such a great eye for colour. Also, my key fob is a bright pink leather disc, from Tricia Guild.

Sarah said...

The new collections were just released for sale on the site today - I'm already in love with some of the new bed linen designs - I'm also thinking of maybe getting one of Tricia Guilds Books.

Would you say that the Pattern is the best? I'm not near a store that stocks it, but could probably visit the Kings Road store to browse the new collections and decide on a book in a couple of weeks

cartolina said...

Hi sarah :-)
I absolutely LOVE the Pattern book. It is one of the most inspiring books we have in the studio(and we have a lot of books) I think what I like about it is that it is a big book - full or colour, pattern and hardly any text - which is fine by me. Also I love the way Tricia has no boundaries when it comes to pairing patterns. I can get lost in this book for a good 15 minutes every time I pick it up.As a surface designer I think it is a 'must have'.

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