Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birthday Boy | Time for presents!

So, today is Doug's birthday. Happy Birthday Doug! And what a lucky guy because today he is getting a vintage Diana camera to have some fun with. We've had some great old cameras in the past - medium format Rolleiflex and vintage Leicas but never a camera that produces consistently scratchy, scruffy, distorted images. He's sure to get obsessed with this new toy!

The Diana camera is from a genre of photography known as Lomography. I had never even heard of this style of photography until I saw a Diana camera on Poppytalk. It has a slightly fish eye, plastic lense that causes the images to have that Coke bottle look, scratchy texture and dark edges. I am sure you have seen many photos recently taken with this style of camera - prints of these images are available widely on Etsy - it'll be fun to see how Doug uses it - he has a great eye. You can buy a Diana here. Picture courtesy of Kai Yamada at
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