Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Accessories | Anthropologie

Just thought I would throw in some accessories that I think would go brilliantly with the industrial furniture we have been looking at this week. Just to add some colour and kick. Starting with a sheet metal mirror frame - how perfect would this be along side a few things from Cleveland Arts?

New lampshade and pillows from Anthropologie - the shade is gorgeous and would look wonderful with the oiled steel pieces from Cleveland Arts too.


jeni.t said...

Love love love the shade - it looks like crewel on velvet or suede - beautiful!

Sammi said...

Strange how these look so vintage but so modern too - you're right fiona they would go so well with those industrial pieces.

cartolina said...

I deleted that comment because it was actually mine and I had clicked the submit button before I was finished - woops!

So yes jeni, I think the shade is velvet - it is so gorgeous and it's quite a big piece too. Lovely. Thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

can anybody tell me where i can get this shade, it is amazing. paula

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