Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Neck of the Woods - day 3.

Very Hush Hush - another tale from the back alley.
Last year when I was taking a short cut from the 
art school, down the steps to the post office, I stumbled upon a shiny silver Airstream travel trailer nestled in Herridge Lane, behind the bike shop and next to the All Seasons Restaurant. What a nice surprise - must investigate! Well lo and behold if it isn't my pals Tracy and Cathy and their new shop on wheels, Very Hush Hush! Well since that day the Airstream trailer has become a favourite back alley haunt and a great place to support indie designers.

Very Hush Hush Gallery is Nelson’s most original purveyor of contemporary art & craft. Operating out of a restored 1964 Airstream trailer, Very Hush Hush sells handmade goods by emerging, independent, Canadian designers. Exhibiting work that is aesthetically innovative and technically astute. Co-founded by my friends Cathy Terepocki and Tracy Fillion, Very Hush Hush is a wonderful, unique, small town, shopping experience.


Picture 14



Tracy produces really unique, handcrafted and silkscreened toys (above), clothing and accessories under the trade name of Dearpony. She has a real eye for detail. I love the silkcreened details in these dresses....which are organic cotton and soy jersey, very soft and light. The full line is available at Very Hush Hush and at her Etsy shop.

Cathy Terepocki"s line of beautiful ceramics named Horn of Plenty (below) available at Very Hush Hush include plates, vases and mugs. I really love how Cathy's style has evolved in just the last year. Cathy's fun personality really show in her designs.


"My new product line is a pared down, natural evolution of my previous work. Using many of the same colours and techniques in perhaps more of a subtle way. The pieces I make deal with the juxtaposition between mass-produced and handmade objects. The floral prints used are primarily old, often discontinued decals from ceramic production.By making objects that people can use, I allow the viewer to connect with the piece on another level. My intent is to embellish functional objects with a touch of irony or satire so that mundane routine usually associated with function, is more pleasurable and interesting."

As for living/being a designer in the country, Cathy has some interesting thoughts: "On the pro side, it's positively beautiful here. I have definitely gained a greater appreciation for the natural world. Moving out of the city has also coincided with having children; this has slowed me down and enabled me to enjoy and draw inspiration from the subtleties in nature. A small community like Nelson is extremely supportive of their artists as it (art) is a big part of this town's identity. In terms of inspiration, sales, research etc you can do so much online which makes living in a small town less isolating."


I love all the products that Tracy and Cathy are selling at Very Hush Hush but one of the things that catches my eye every time I step up into the trailer are the belt buckles designed by Naomi Joy Yamamoto at Flight Path Designs - also another BCer! I love them. I love their interesting vintage images and their texture. I had a look at Naomi's web site she says that inspired by her love of textiles, design and traveling, she created Flight Path Designs in 2007 as a way to merge these three passions. Her work utilizes a combination of found imagery from her travels, vintage textiles and leather to create a line of belts, handbags and other accessories. Check out her bags too - really wonderful!



I hope you enjoyed my feature on Cathy and Tracy's Airstream trailer. Tomorrow we are going decidedly up-market for Nelson! A little urban style for our laid back Nelson lives. See you tomorrow.


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