Wednesday, July 23, 2008

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I thought since you seemed to like yesterdays Paris street map design then you would also appreciate the wonderful deco design of these 2 labels.
I love the way the clouds are represented in these crudely printed designs.

Steven Heller and Louise Fili (my all time favourite designer) have a great series of design books published by Chronicle Books. The series includes French Modern, British Modern, Dutch Modern, Italian Art Deco, Japanese Modern and American Art Deco. They are a great resource for designers - pages and pages of posters, magazine covers, packaging and labels (just like the labels above). I thoroughly recommend this series of books - they are a well used source of  reference in our studio. And check out Louise's portfolio it is truly awe inspiring.


poppy said...

more eye candy!

cathehs said...

OMG, I have some of these too! I love Louise Fili - I have a book of some of her work stashed away somewhere. I think we may have the same one, Dutch Modern.

joseph said...

You can buy these for 30% off and free shipping right now through Sunday Aug 3rd during Chronicle Books Summer Sale - just use promo code FRIENDS at checkout!

Fifi Flowers said...

Love your Paris items! I love Paris! Lovely site you have!

Anonymous said...

Geez, I'veCheapest wow gold got many of these way too! I enjoy Louise Fili - I've got a ebook regarding some of her work stashed away somewhere. I do believe organic
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